We are GOD. We are responsible for designing the future realilty of the world.  You are a Designer of Reality at the Edge of Creation.
You are The Designer Of Reality - the world is created by what you believe to be true.

We are very glad that you are here. While you may not realize it yet, you are going to have a growing ability to shape reality to your wishes. This is why you must put fears and anxiety behind you and focus on believing in your hopes and dreams. What you come to believe will transform the world. Not just your world but the overall quality of life on this planet.

(Your name here) is a made up character in a time-space-material world. Your main objective is to manifest your inspirations, hopes and dreams. You are an individualized expression of infinite GOD power but you must learn how to wield your power to benefit yourself and all of Creation. Everything in your reality is springing forth from your consciousness. You are capable of transforming the world to your wishes.

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We are all here at this time and place with an opportunity to transform the future of life on this planet in very wonderful ways. As the level of consciousness of the human species continues to evolve, we are beginning to realize that it is our beliefs that shape the physical world. By focusing on new and improved ways of doing things we can gradually solve problems from the inside out. As more of us join together in an attitude of hope, appreciation and positive anticipation our naturally creative natures will transform the world. Old fears, prejudices and limiting beliefs will fade into the past. We are the Designer’s of Reality here at the Edge of Creation.

You may find it useful to take on the idea that you are a character you have made up to interact with the rest of us in an adventure game. You need to come to realize that (your name here) is a very "real" entity that believes it is the ALL of You and not just a useful but nonetheless made-up character. The most common name for this part of you is "ego" - we will refer to it as the basic operating system of your bio-computer brain. You have programmed it to be a very sophisticated persona that serves as the vehicle for all your interactions with the physical world. Most people believe this "ego" character is who they are, but you can be assured that you are much more than that. That REAL you is directly connected to an infinite, all-encompassing energy field and can tap into the forces that created the entire physical Universe. Like a computer terminal on an infinite GOD network you are a physical time space manifestation of that energy field.

Taking the controls is up to you, because "conscious" you has free will and can do anything you decide to do.

Karma rules: also known as The Law of Attraction and Newton's Third Law of Motion, whatever you focus your creative energy on you will manifest in your personal experience of reality.

If you are familiar with our Designer of Reality stories you will know that we believe that spreading positive news and beliefs is the best way to “positively” transform our world. Every “happy” story or hope for the future sends ripples of love and appreciation out into cosmos. We are surrounded by “bad news”. There is an army of people who spend their lives searching for and chronicling every tragedy and unfortunate event they can find – the more awful the better for ratings it would seem. Those “bad news” stories have many people fearing or at least anxious about the days ahead.

Why do so many people focus on and want to share all the bad news? It is because most of us are run by a basic operating system persona. As we mentioned previously, it is best known as you ego. The ego's focus on danger and problems is natural to it because it originated in a time when survival was much more difficult. If you didn’t know about all the dangerous things in your world, a shorter lifespan was inevitable. The prime directive for our ego basic operating system is to protect us from harm. Therefore that part of your brain wants to be aware of all the bad stuff so it can try and protect you from it. Sadly, we now live in a world where we are bombarded non-stop by the stories generated by a highly sophisticated and professional army of people who are ready to feed your fears. You need to remember that your brain works very much like an electronic computer – everything taken in by your senses is programming how you think and respond to the world.

Since what you believe about the world creates your “reality” the continuous input of problems and anguish can create a very depressing world view. It is very important to realize that the way you think affects all of your actions and outcomes. Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking “reality” just is because there are no two people who live in the exact same reality. Reality is whatever you believe it to be and your outcomes will always fall in line with your beliefs and expectations. This is why it is so important to counteract all that negative programming with more positive, hopeful input. One of the most effective ways to change your outlook for the better is to just turn off the “news”. If you won’t do that at least provide that bio-computer of yours with as much “good news” as you can find. Constantly be on the look out for things to appreciate and be thankful for.

The book, The Edge of Creation, is about learning how to gain more control over the character you have created. The highly evolved conscious being that is the real you has invented this character to interact with the time-space world you find yourself in. Like an actor on the stage, you have adopted a role in a story that you are defining and making up as you go along with your main objective to bring reality to your inspirations, hopes and dreams and get great enjoyment out of the process. You have been granted total free will and no outside force or authority is judging you.

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You are God. We are God.

That's right, YOU are God. You may have had people telling you all your life that God was some divine force that you were to look up to, pray to and possibly believe was going to punish you for wrongdoing. That is all incorrect. You are the Creator and the master of the Universe. Everything in your world is springing forth from your consciousness. You imagine something and if you decide to believe in it you will make it so. Now before you get too carried away with the fact that you can wield the infinite power of Creation we need to let you know that it is not as easily said as done. Also, we want to let you know you are no better than anyone else because they are all God too.

The first thing you are probably saying to yourself is that if this is true, there are a great many people out there who are really doing a poor job. They are actually all just fine the way they are - they just have no idea about who they really are. They may not realize they have any power at all to determine the events of their life. Most people believe they just have to do their best to survive a world they have little if any control over and make the best of it. Some people even believe they are better than "others" and need to get the upper hand on them to succeed. In truth it makes little difference what anyone else does or thinks as far as you are concerned. You are totally on your own and can ally yourself with others becoming aware of their creative powers or allow negative voices to bring you down.

Your opportunity is to have a lot of fun dreaming up and bringing into Reality as much as is pleasing to you as possible. As you get good at it, all of Creation rejoices with you as you mold energy and vibration into forms that make the whole game more wonder filled. Again, there is no judgment but this is why Source continuously tries to get these messages to us about how things work - so you can play a part in making the adventure game more rewarding and fun for all of Creation. Remember, WE are the point of manifestation in 3D time and space. Source You wants to experience through You as a glorious creator of beauty and wonder. All of evolution is about making more elaborate and better functioning forms - you have the opportunity to play a major role in the process - it can be a starring role if you choose.

As a very wise man, Joseph Campbell said "follow your bliss". Turn you attention away from all worry, concern and fear. Focus as consistently as possible on a continuous and expectant search for things to appreciate. The words of the Bob Marley song "Three Little Birds" should be you motto to live by: "Don't worry, everything is going to be alright". Believe it and it will be so.

The Edge of Creation Guidebook and Designer Stories ($10.99)
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The Edge of Creation Guidebook ($5.99)
Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

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YOU are at The Edge of Creation Designing Your Reality.